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Chile: Muy Hace Frio!


Hey everyone,

We officially finished the wall we’ve been working on the past week. I personally have never seen better teamwork than what team Chile has put into the project we were doing. We had lots of fun finishing the wall and we all learned a lot when it comes to construction (not a lot of us has experience in that field).

We took the weekend to relax and hangout with our host families. A lot of us became very close to these families because of how caring this culture is. On Saturday we took a mini tour through out Santiago to visit all the churches in the area and then we traveled downtown where we did some shopping and experienced more of the culture with the amazing food we had.

We are now done with our work in Santiago and we we have arrived in Southern Chile which took around 8 hours by bus to get here. It’s “muy hace frio” which means really cold. We started working at the church down here first thing getting off the bus. The church we are working at is looking to build a school that will be attached to the church building. Our team is currently working on the foundation of the building and preparing the cement which comes Wednesday. We have a lot of work ahead of us and hoping we can get the sleep we need to finish on time.

The pastor at the church, Miguel, has a tremendous heart full of passion for the children here and the troubled society here in the town we are in. A lot of the indigenous people here are very passionate about their culture and a lot of the other churches are very rejecting towards their culture but the church we are working through and the organization are doing their best to reach out towards them without rejection of their culture while sharing the love of Christ to them.

A lot has been going on in Chile so yes, there was a lot of information. But again, keep praying for us and the country of Chile that God will continue to spread his love to the people here. God is good!

-Team Chile

P.S. The cats and dogs here like to jump and sit on your shoulders. We might take them home (not really)


3 Responses to Chile: Muy Hace Frio!

  1. DeAna Kier says:

    So good to hear from you all! Happy that God is using you all so fully through your weaknesses in the construction field. He not only has plans for you all to be a blessing for the people there, but He has great plans to mature each of you in your own faith, growing and molding you into the young people He intends for you to be. Love hearing you are embracing the culture and the food, and that willingness will show your hearts to the people there. Praying for you all each day. Hugs from home!

  2. Leah Sparks says:

    So nice to hear from you! Sounds like you all are way busy doing great work for the less fortunate. What an experience you all are on. Haley, BIG hugs from home! We miss your beautiful face, love ya!You all have fun and stay safe as you continue to do Gods work.

  3. Amy Z says:

    Hi there! Glad you guys are working hard in Chile! I just returned from Chile two months ago, and I also learned how to build a wall. Our team was very proud of the skate park we built in Pichilemu, and the kids there loved it too! :)

    I will pray for you guys. Remember: encourage each other daily AND never complain about circumstances. I know that Chile can be a hard country! Your teammates will thank you for maintaining a positive outlook on everything even when it gets rough, and so will everyone else! Friends that pray for & encourage one another stay together. (Cheesy, but true.)