2014 WorldSERVE Teams

Spring Break CitySERVE Teams

Chicago: Inner-city Youth. Join the Family Empowerment Center in their ministry to urban youth through an after-school program. Help connect families in the neighborhood with the local church through community outreach.
Led by Kim Thurston and Brad Arkens

Olympia: Anti-Trafficking. Learn about the multi-faceted issues surrounding sex-trafficking in the U.S. Come serve alongside the Mercy and Justice Foundation in their ministry to prevent and advocate against exploitation.
Led by Kevan Corella and Chelsea Cormack

Oakland/Redding: Urban Plunge. Encounter God in the inner-city and get a deeper understanding of His heart for justice among the poor. Through interactive Bible study, hands-on service, and real life experiences, be awakened to your role in building God’s kingdom in the city.
Led by Jordan Spencer 

Summer WorldSERVE Teams

El Salvador: Village Outreach. Return to the village where a Simpson team served 2 years ago, and continue meeting with families who are interested in hearing about Christ. Share your story, reach the broken, pray for the hurting, and see the kingdom grow.
Led by Chris Peterson and Kiley Woodward with Travis Osborne

Dominican Republic: Church Partnership. Team up with local church leaders in reaching their people for Christ. Learn how Dominican pastors are equipping the body of Christ to produce much fruit, and partner with them to build the church through sports outreach, teaching English, and meeting practical needs.
Led by Christina Thomas and Leah O’Halloran

Thailand: University Students. Build relationships with college students in Bangkok who are searching for truth. Connect with Buddhist young adults through teaching English and meeting needs in the red-light district. And disciple new believers through leading Bible studies and sharing your life one-on-one.
Led by Christina Chantrirak

Taiwan: Business as Missions. See how a thriving coffee shop in the center of the city can be a powerful tool for reaching the lost. Serve the cafe in practical ways, put your education to use, and be part of their vision to plant a church among the youth culture of this modern metropolis.
Led by Brad Shepard and Rebecca Messer

Eastern Europe: Muslim University Students. Dive into the life of a college campus in a city where thousands of nominal Muslim young adults are studying. Develop discipling relationships with English speaking students and future leaders, through taking part in their everyday university experience.
Led by Lena    

South East Asia: Cultural Immersion. Live with families in island villages and take part in their daily life. While playing sports, helping with community projects, and hanging out with youth, you will be immersed in the local culture and learn how to start conversations that naturally bring up Christ’s work in your own life.
Led by Kinsey and Richie

Poland: Youth Discipleship. Join Steiger Ministries in their cutting edge outreach to hardened European youth.  Help lay the foundation for a music festival where the gospel will be preached, participate in the festival through prayer and meeting needs, then follow up with young adults who want to keep exploring a relationship with Jesus.
Led by Lindsay Parsons

Middle East: Community Center. Join the long-term work among Muslims in this peaceful seaside city. Participate in activities at the thriving community center, from leading health classes, to running kids programs and teaching English. Take opportunities to encourage the workers and pray that God’s name would be known in this area of the world.
Led by Lydia 

Russia: Youth Camp. Help run a Christian outdoor camp on the Black Sea. Use your simple skill of speaking English to draw in Russian youth who want to practice their conversation abilities with American friends. Pair up with local counselors to lead sports, activities, cabin time, English classes and be a bridge for the gospel.
Led by Lauren 


Chile: Sports and Construction. Use sports as an inroad to minister to Chilean youth and help connect their families to the local church. Support the long-term workers and church leadership by participating in a building project to improve their ministry.
Led by Kendra Kaiserman, Josh Crawford, Aislinn Hall



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