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Baleeted! Delteated! …Del Taco?

I hate my writing.

Honestly. I can’t stand it. In the three weeks since my last post, I’ve started and scrapped pages upon pages of updates, trying to combine the words I know into sentences that don’t read like utter garbage. As evidenced by the zero posts since then, I’ve failed spectacularly. I hate every single word I’ve put on paper in the last three weeks.

So what do I do? I have stories I want to tell. I think they’ll be interesting to other people (or, at least, one other person), but I can’t tell them in an interesting way. Especially not when my mind swirls with the dozens of pages I still have to write for school. How am I supposed to find time to write for me, and not my professors? It’s honestly maddening.

So…what do I do?

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One Response to Baleeted! Delteated! …Del Taco?

  1. Tom Fay says:

    Jeff, don’t worry, at 67 I am still trying to figure it out. The good thing is that almost no matter what you do you will be writing. Now I am doing a lot of blogging for which is an India Calling Card. Actually for all the missionaries around the world, this really is the best card to save money. But keep it up Jeff! I’m even getting ready to write some books.